There is a fact that all employees of non-governmental organizations active in the field of women's rights know very well that women who have been subjected to violence are not very willing to step through "those" doors. They feel great shame and sadness from their own stories, as if they were the ones who should be ashamed. However, there is only one person who should be ashamed of "it" in the stories, and that is only those who show violence against women.

As part of the International Day against Violence Against Women on November 25, we are organizing an interview called "ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE" with our esteemed guests and we repeat this event with our new guests every year because unfortunately, violence against women has been up-to-date for centuries, even though its forms have changed. That is why we, as the Kadın-Der family, want to discuss the phenomenon of violence fully and let's discuss violence against women, the impact of violence on the family structure and especially on children, and women's legal rights at length.

Please remember that every woman living in this country has been subjected to at least one type of violence at some time in her life, regardless of whether her name is psychological violence or physical violence, and she continues to be left. As a woman-Der family, we also have these experiences in our stories. That's why we just want you to know that we are with you and to know your rights.

If you have been subjected to violence but are still healing your wounds, or if you are still the violent party in this story, come and join us every November 25 Dec. If you are one of the lucky women who say, "I have never met violence in my life," we will be very happy to see you among us Dec.

We Will Stop Violence Against Women Together!

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