Empathy drama technique is a method used to understand people's emotional states and communicate with them. Particularly effective in anger management, empathy drama technique helps individuals better understand their anger triggers and effects.

The goal of this technique is to first identify the reasons behind anger and become aware of how much of those reasons are personal. Then, the person tries to control their anger by putting themselves in another person's shoes and trying to feel their emotions. By doing so, the person becomes aware of the reasons behind their anger and is able to control it by communicating in a more positive way.

The empathy drama technique can be applied in many different ways. For example, it can be used as a two-person role-play game or by writing a scenario for oneself. This technique helps individuals develop their emotional intelligence by better understanding their emotional states and improving their communication skills.

It is possible to control anger through communication using empathy drama technique, especially in anger issues that arise in the workplace or within the family. This technique also helps to promote healthier and more positive relationships between individuals.

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