Sometimes, a woman's life can be completely transformed by the conscious support of a neighbor who comes to drink a coffee. Men may not know this, but the small "neighborly" support that stands by a woman can be the most meaningful opportunity for her to change her life in a healthy way.

For years, there have been thousands of women in these lands who have provided psychological support or financial assistance at times for a woman who has experienced violence, in order to ensure her "right to life". As long as women's solidarity continues, neighboring, friends, and all those unknown people will continue to participate in the struggle as heroes.

However, we are not women who aspire to heroism because we know that every woman is the lead actor in her own life. We are a dynamic team that works together voluntarily, believing in women's solidarity, being extremely sensitive to women's rights and gender equality, striving to be good listeners and supporters as much as possible when needed, and wholeheartedly supporting women's rights and gender equality through voluntary work.

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